Rare Blood Group

Rare Blood is just like all other Blood, and will not cause you any problem at all..... unless you need a transfusion! At that moment you will begin to find out the full meaning of the words 'rare Blood.' It is seldom that the Blood type is rare; it is the antigens in the Blood that more often make the Blood rare. This is also the time that you may really regret not having your Blood tested and knowing that information.

A rare Blood type is any Blood type that is difficult to find. A Blood type is classified as rare when more than 200 donors have to be screened to find one compatible donor with Blood of that type. In the "ABO" system, all Blood belongs to one of four major group: A, B, AB, or O. But there are more than two hundred minor Blood groups that can complicate Blood transfusions. These are known as Rare Blood Types. About one person in 1,000 will inherit a rare Blood type. Normally expressed in a letter or two, with maybe a plus or a minus, these few persons read their Blood type in an extensive series of letters in addition to their 'ABO' type designation.

To further define and clarify rare Blood, there are more than 600 known antigens besides A and B that identify the proteins found on a person's red Blood cells. A combination of some of these less familiar but commonly occurring antigens are absent from the Blood of an very small percentage of the population. There are also a few antigens that almost all people have on their red Blood cells, but that some others lack. No matter which case, whether an individual's Blood has uncommon antigens or lacks common antigens, the person should be tested and categorized as having a rare Blood type. To be more precise, an individual's Blood type is most often considered to be rare if only one other person in 1,000 lacks the same antigens or shares the same uncommon antigens. A person's Blood type is considered as very rare if only one person in 10,000 has or lacks similar Blood antigens. Again, where in the world you find yourself needing to match a particular type of Blood makes all the life or death difference.

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